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In recent years, the trend for organic foods and free range has been widening, and more and more people are choosing organic products where possible. This has evolved from a desire to take care of the environment and approach nature. It is now possible to buy many different organic products, including organic clothing, shoes and organic jewelry. If you like to create your own jewelry, it is even possible to buy organic pearls for jewelry.

What are Organic Beads for Jewelry?

Organic beads are beads that are made from a natural material and that have not been treated with any chemicals. For example, wooden beads, shell beads, animal horns, bones and amber beads can all be classified as organic, as well as beads made from any other substance that can be found naturally. However, if any of these materials are treated with unnatural chemicals, to get them to the finished state where you use them for jewelry, they may no longer be classified as organic pearls. For example, if you had an object made of wood and you colored it with a chemical stain, the pearl should no longer be considered organic. However, if you treated the same bead with a wood stain that had been made of organic substances, the bead could still be sold under the organic label.

Use organic beads for jewelry

If you decide to use these beads in your project, you should continue to be aware of how you process them during the creation of your project. If you have deliberately chosen these beads to use, chances are you will want to sell the finished piece under the "organic" label. It is therefore very important that you do nothing to jeopardize this status. For example, if you use cotton to thread beads, make sure that the cotton you use is also organic, since inorganic cotton is present (cotton that has been treated with chemicals during cultivation). As mentioned above, you should also be careful about what you treat the beads with, as it can affect the organic status of the finished product. If it turns out that you have sold an inorganic product under organic status, you may have trouble misleading buyers, even if the mistake was unintentional.

Where to buy organic pearls for jewelry?

Organic beads are actually widely available - sometimes they are advertised as such, and sometimes they are not, but this is evident from the product description. These jewelry beads can be found in most of the leading jewelry accessories stores online and in many local bead accessories stores. If you are not sure if the articles you are looking at are organic or not, it is often possible to ask for more information, to help provide clarity.